Karen Marie


After the birth of my son my mother in law said to me "take lots of pictures, because when they are older, pictures are all you have to remember". After those words were spoken to me I immediately started putting my newborn son in baskets, different outfits, poses and I haven't put my camera down since. I had finally discovered my passion. I have always had an interest in photography and an appreciation for all types of art. Pregnancy and newborns had always been a large part of my career and path in life. I worked as a maternity nurse, childbirth educator and ultrasound nurse in many area hospitals before I opened my studio.

When I wasn't working at the hospital, I trained along side photographers , graphic designers and professional portrait retouchers while taking photography classes. The feeling I get when I capture a beautiful image is incredible. That feeling tells me that this creative career is what I am meant to do. In every session, I use my heart and soul along with my talent to create works of art for my clients. My artistic style captures an emotion, a feeling of simplicity and beauty.

I am married to a wonderful supportive husband. I have 3 beautiful children. My knight and two princesses. I love to hear stories of the past from my grandparents and cherish every moment I can get with them. I love Photography, the ocean, my music, dancing to 80s hair bands, fondue and of course shopping for new props. I take pride in my studio and the business I created.

Thank you for your interest in my art and allowing me to share my passion with you.

Information and Scheduling

Phone: 916 660-9533
Email: info@bellybeautifulportraits.com