How Belly Beautiful Was Born...

In my previous career, I was a labor and delivery nurse and a childbirth educator.  I feel as though my experience in the medical field as well as being a mom to 3 children, gives me a unique insight in the handling of all babies; preemies through multiples.

My attention to detail, passion for photography, and owning fine art printing equipment is what develops my art into a superior heirloom product. “What is this family’s style of art? Do I have a headband/hat for this baby that matches their interests? Is the wrap lying just right on the baby? Are the baby’s fingers perfectly straight?” These are just some of the thoughts that race through my mind when I’m planning your custom Belly Beautiful experience.

I have gone to great lengths to invest in props, headbands, hats, maternity gowns, fabrics, backdrops etc. so that everyone who chooses Belly Beautiful for capturing their precious moments, will have full access to my studio as well as the peace of mind. Knowing that each of the thousands of babies who have been photographed by Belly Beautiful always has our undivided attention and safety in mind at all times. This is why I have assistants who I personally train to handle the safety of your baby.

People do not come to me for just pictures; they come to get the Belly Beautiful experience so that we can capture a short, perfect moment in time with beauty and emotion so that it can be cherished. I love documenting precious milestones such as pregnancy and the wee early moments in life. 

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Fun facts about me:

  • While editing I can be found rocking to the bands of the 70’s and 80’s ( Journey, Foreigner, Ambrosia, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard, and of course Motley Crue :) )
  • If I’m not holding a camera or a baby, I probably have free weights in my hand.
  • I love fitness and hot yoga.
  • I am definitely a girlie girl at heart, love the color pink and love to shop (mostly for maternity fabrics and newborn props)
  • I love recreating recipes from Food Network in my kitchen. Fit, healthy and tasty recipes are my specialty.
  • My favorite TV show to watch is Justified starring Timothy Olyphant and any cooking show featuring Bobby Flay
  • My favorite dessert is anything Dark Chocolate!
  • I have two black labs, Daisy and Dottie (we call her Naughty Dottie...)
  • My favorite vacation spot is Kona, Hawaii.
  • Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for our family. Lots of great memories have been made there.
  • I am a busy mom with 3 teens! 
  • I cherish old family photos of my beloved mother and grandmother.